Magnum1 “Takes An EU Bow”

Guess it comes as no shock due to the cost in Europe but the Magnum1 has taken a bow at the largest EU importer of the radio. Sure the radio can be found on some dealers shelves but it’s now available only via email and at a special request. On the whole Palomar made this radio much better than Maxlog did when only they worked on it. I see now more upgrades have come from what was initial release but no news on what, how, parts needed to upgrade those that were already in circulation.

It’s a good radio, could have been great if some bugs were squashed but as I understand Palomar with its engineers made great leaps forward since initial release. Let’s truly hope we can get the next version in Europe, should it be available. Those of us with them should be super happy.



Magnum1 Tune Up:

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