Connex CX-33 HPC1 $209.50

Thank you to Matthijs the guru behind who showed me the way to find a better photo and more details about this radio and it’s quite extensive what is on the inside and the chassis of the Cobra 29LTD makes the size interesting also. Below more news about the radio. Before I’m emailed “Band D” will be FCC 40 channels (26965-27405)

• Same size as a Cobra 29LTD

• Dual Mosfet Finals

• BLUE Channel LED

• Large Meter with Scales for Signal Strength and Power Output

• Red/Green Transmit LED

• Noise Blanker

• Automatic Noise Limiter

• Variable Dimmer

• AM/FM/PA modes

• Echo Board with Two Controls

• Talk Back variable

• Three Power Output Levels

• 10 Watts FM /AM power

• 40W AM peak power

• +10KC Switch

• Pre-wired for FC 347 (or FC-30) Frequency Counter

Power should be in the area of 25-55w peak with power of 1-10 watts.

Expanded coverage makes 25.6-28.3

I’d say wait a while and a President Ronald could show it’s head, smaller frame & more frequencies

Power similar to Connex but price I’ve no idea at all.

Myself, I’d call it Just President Ronald and not add 12/10m As makes it sound cheap.

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