DSP CB (Again)

News from someone whose recently been on a wander around Taiwan and that a company is researching the idea of an SSB CB with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) installed inside. As much as I think of it as far fetched it can be true as the past six weeks I’m getting hits from Taiwan and Hong Kong with searches for “DSP CB” with IP checks showing up factories or research establishments. I’d like to think a quality manufacturer would be looking into it, but at the moment I think it isn’t so.

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2 thoughts on “DSP CB (Again)

  1. That would be outstanding. I have the DSP in both on my ICOM IC-718s, and it can really help pull a voice out of the noise.

    Considering both my 718s are over 10 years old, you the cost and technology would have come down enough in price by now… What a novel thought: install a DSP in a “10 Meter” radio instead of echo, roger beeps, channel 9/19 switch, and other assorted trash…


    • I agree dump the echo and all the idiotic bleeps and use a DSP in new radio world we live in it would be better to concentrate on noise reduction not echos which are idiotic on 10m so called “amateur radios”


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