Firmware Update CB

News from Korea this time. Firmware updating to CB radios appears to be approaching “test process” according to Sun who wrote me an email. It appears that this company has decided the best route to resolve issues is make the software updatable by customers directly. At the moment they are considering supply new radios from mid-2018 with a programming cable. You’ll need to register the radios serial number online and when a new version is available they’ll email you. This could happen for 18-36 months from radio release. We all know some companies that would have benefitted from this option. More news as soon as I’ll receive it, but now the communication is open with them and they’ve promised me updates.

But like all in radio this has been a topic of discussion for years and nothing really happened for end users, just at resellers. So we will see if it happens or it’s simply another promise that cannot be realized.

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