CRT Micron UV Will Be €119

Some idiots who’ve told me the CRT Micron UV will be £59 are going to crawl back underground as the radios price has been announced at €119 which equates to £106 currently or $140 which I’ve got to say I think is a very fair price indeed. Although the radio hasn’t hit the stores yet it’s my belief a lot are interested when it comes along. Well, in this I mean the serious people and not the foolish who think everything needs to be cheap!

I’ll add the link to the direct page and sure the CRT Webshop will have the radio when it arrives in EU. Link:

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  1. I like this platform. I haven’t picked one up yet, in either U/V or 10/11m, but with one of each boxed up in a single case, one could cover 10/11M AM/FM, 2M, 70cm, FRS, GRMS, and MURS…. Quite a handy package….

    We can only wish for a 10/11 AM/FM/SSB version…..


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