Midland M-Mini “Further Down the line”

I’ve asked at CTE in Italy the owner of Midland and no reply. I’ve asked around at other Midland places and no reply either! Not surprising as the Midland M Mini was one stage up from “radio insult of the year” Nanfone proving how easy it is to make something when you’ve got no skill in making it. I’ve still M-Mini here, they sit like paperweights radios gently passing time. You all know I was offered to return the Bluetooth microphones but keep the radios? That makes sense to who?

We all know looser companies who survive on good old times and these times are away. Lost in the past, never to return.

I’ve told you all many times give your hard earned money to companies that deserve it! Don’t waste time on purveyors of sub standard rubbish. Please remember resellers or makers are what is called B2B (Business 2 Business) and not B2C (Business 2 Customer) and that’s why they don’t care about you or your radio. They only care for the dealers. Since writing this (six weeks it’s in pipeline) I’d asked Midland again but to no avail and no reply. Below is the latest news I could get on the M Mini and that was RF Gain “only in AM Mode” so guess no new model coming with it made right?

RF Gain

Only in AM band

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