AOR AR-DV10 Digital Receiver

Thank you goes to Bernhard F for the link to this receiver. And for €998 you get a package that can decode TETRA according to the information that I’ve read. Below we’ve a photo of the device which will be available soon and a list of the digital code capability of what this receiver can actually decode.

• D-Star



• Alinco Digital

• dPMR


• Tetra (direct)

• D-CR


Now this is a game changer.

Remember doesn’t decode Police transmissions, only direct.

Available mid January 2018

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  1. tetra (german police radio) is decode “on the fly” by this unit. very nice…. 🙂 it’s bad, that amazon sell this uint not on the
    cyber monday LOL i think the price get down. 1000€ is the start at the moment…
    greetzing simon


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