President Ronald 12/10m Part II

This time we have a look at the expanded Ronald. Videos will follow but due to things beyond my control I’m not able to make a video at the moment. Many have asked me about the adjustment question in the radio. Answer, Uniden did it with the Bearcat 980 2017 Version and as President work almost 40 years with Uniden then the same idea filters down the line. So really the adjustment area is left blank. But be sure others will join this idea and sure it will come soon I guess.

The coverage as you see it is pretty good. And for Sven I have checked and it appears no repeater shift is built inside.

I’ve been asked by Steven, Jeremy, Gary and Paul whether you can change the frequencies in the bands and they remain as set. Example was given change the 30Mhz frequencies to the UK40 for example. Answer is guys I don’t know. I’ll look and reply afterwards. You can rename the bands this I can confirm, the rest please wait.

I can also confirm the radio isn’t PC Programmable. This was told before but I’ll mention it again here.

The rest you’ll need to bare with me. More will come Just it is a matter of time.

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  1. Thank You, Simon!
    Thoght about installing a Ronald inside my car instead of my CRT Megapro (modified CB radio with 10 Meter VFO and Repeater Shift; €69 at the moment).
    But now I know the Ronald is no option for my car. The design and output power would be great for mobile use. Just an other rig for freeband user…


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