Bomber V2 & V2+

Recently arriving here from Germany was a Motorola Bomber Microphone, at the same time came the hand mike version which on a Jackson II really kicks out a strong audio but now the newest version has arrived which has a volume control on the side so you can adjust it completely for your SSB audio. It’s a good idea as my original Bomber really is bursting the Modulation on SSB.

Add to this comes the V2+ which you can easily use on your Anytone Smart or any of the current derivatives of the Mini or Smart.

Anybody interested drop me a line on the contact form and I’ll forward it across to Thorsten the many behind the sale of these.

Videos will come once the illness has been tackled on my side.

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  1. there are 2 models, one is the new V2 + controllable, then there is a V3 compressor Clipper Edition that is the Mike with the extra board !!! then there is the V2 + controllable with Up Down buttons for the Albrecht 6110 👍


    • When you mention the HMN3413AR being modified in Bavaria, Germany, is this being done by a company or an individual. I would like to know if anyone is privy to the mods? Thanks so much.


  2. looks like a diode clipper on the mic-platine. an “older hat” for an ham 😉
    it can drive 6 to 9 db’s talk power… (same as an amplifer for 1~2 s-steps)
    in google you find many informations about hf-clipper, diode-clipper etc.


  3. Simon,
    Is the volume control in the little hole as seen in the picture?
    Motorola HMN3596A is the Bomber V2+?
    Dave in Cleveland Ohio USA.


    • Please confirm that model number. Just so you know, I am a big fan of your website. I have been on 11 meters since I was 12 years old. (1974). I have had every cool radio from Siltronix 1011d to Browning Mark 4A and President Jackson. Love reading your information. Thanks again sir. Dave


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