**New 2018** Anytalk CB-27

When the initial excitement gets less and you look deeper into the recent Surecom and Anyselc radios you can see smell something not really fine with it. The answer pops up and the radio is indeed a clone or a copy of the original. Just like Delta Slim and TeamUp Radios were copies of the Smart and Mini, this is a copy of the Apollo II. Even comes with a copied instruction manual of the CRT-2000


Mode: EU, EUH, CE, UK, PL, E1,l2, DE, DEH

Colorful LCD display


RB function able to edit

AM/FM mode

ASQ/SQ function

EMG Channel CH9/19

Dual Watch

Wireless Microphone ( option)

Android cellphone APp ( option)

CTCSS/DCS ( option)

DTMF ( option)

So when you order remember the lack of bank end engineer support as sellers when investigated are trading houses and not factories.

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  1. Pitty hope soon there will one on the market
    So companies do your job .
    We have a great and successful repeater network that use split.


    • Check ECBF I think your a member?

      A: If it was legal manufacturers would have added it years ago

      B: In Czech Republic repeater system is legal via duplex system. 1 TX 27405 and CB 2 Receive RX 27385 for example

      CB is simplex system, simplex is one channel. Check regulations, buy a legal CB check instruction manual. It’s a simplex system.


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