President Ronald 12/10m First Thoughts

Sadly a prolonged illness slowed me down on this one and indeed I’ve got quite a lot on my mind to say really. Some of it will come later in the month as it’s courteous to wait as I’ve asked President about some stuff and due to holidays we will wait a while before discussing that. But below are initial thoughts. But they are that of an individual and many can agree and disagree with them.

Microphone Cable

Guess new supplier as it’s 1/4 thickness of the older microphones that you use on Jackson II and Grant II Premium for example. The audio is dynamite on AM and strong on FM but it’s less flexible and more akin to AE-6110 or CRT One In it’s dynamics.. But that aside audio is good really no issues.

Heating Up

It gets warm to hot after a while. I’d not fit it in a DIN mount. I’d have it where heat can circulate. I’ve proposed to a couple of guys the Palomar Max Mod as a heat reducer. We will see what happens with that during the next months.

Alpha / In between Channels

This is one point I’ve asked about. Channel 3A and 19A on a Lincoln II + is 4A and 20A on a Ronald. This is with Span On, Span Off you don’t see these channels.

12 Metre FM/AM

As a pirate currently on remission I’d say don’t like it! Better to start at 25.165 or 25.005 but not in 24.7-24.99 As Legal Amateur Band 12 metres where CW and SSB legal. Leave this area well alone unless your selling a multimode. For SSB keep it, for AM FM leave it well alone. So I’d go Band K-A for non SSB and A-J for SSB Stuff.

Echo & Roger Bleep

Works good with delay and repeat. The roger bleep is the Uniden bwulp sound of all Presidents. I’d have expected Lincoln II Bleep as a thought.

Build Quality

Pretty Good, akin to Barry, Andy, New Barry and USA Andy. Of the series this seems to be better built. It’s painted better, heavier, I’d have added a little bit thicker power cable but like thicker microphone cable it would not fit in the box


$139 USA is better than €200 or £180. This is the make and break part. It’s expensive like everything President sells. What can I say? Some will buy it, some will complain, some will buy it and like it, some may not. AM markets are going to cry with joy! USA market I guess is prime real estate for this radio and it’s sure where most will love it.


Cut the Power till 20w variable and add SSB. I think it could handle it and size is what many would like as an SSB radio.

UK 40 “Muppet Channels”

This radio is sold as an amateur radio. So obviously the UK 40 are not by default on the radio. A fact that knights have pointed out and it’s obvious. Remember old Superstar 360, Cobra 148 GTL-DX and Jacko1. You’d go band D (hi) channel 16 and drop the KC shift. Do the same in the Ronald so Band B channel 16 and change 27605 till 276012 and channel 1 UK is done. Channel 19 is 33 277812 and away you go. So, 26 channels in band B and the remaining 14 channels in band D.

SPAN ON and change the _ _ _ under the numbers like on Lincoln 1 and 2 and + to obtain the numbers that you need

Bit of a work of art, but this radio isn’t sold as a CB. Myself, I’d add UK at end of band plan or simply allow programming of what you need. Remember, only UK has the .125 so maybe it’s a luxury to add UK specific band.And before emails start. CRT9900, Anytone 5555, 5555N, Optima, Rangers, Sommerkamp, Intek 5500 none also came with UK in export mode! Only started recently with Grant II and continued with Andy & Barry.

Part II

I’ve some questions submitted to President. It’s right to wait the answer. The outstanding stuff doesn’t change any user function or usability. Can be I’m picky! But when, if any replies I’ll add them into “First Thoughts Part II”

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