President Lincoln II + Set Up

Interesting video of the set up of a Lincoln II + by Snake Radio Customs in the USA. Was sent to me by an-upset person who correctly noted that he didn’t even know the right name of the radio. That aside you get a look at the radio and what’s going on. I agree the microphone needs the foam inside as it sure does help with the spitting sound. Finger prints agreed take more care at the factory it’s not hard (wear gloves) soldering if everything on every radio was perfect then tech’s would be out of work.

But at least try and get the name of the radio right.

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5 thoughts on “President Lincoln II + Set Up

    • nothing new seen before on bench,hes being paid to service it and set up for customer and to justify his time, Friday special’s as we use to call them on production line,so a few finger prints on cans little slip on QA inspection,easy to clean.
      1000s run or more, bound to be a few slip through/s even in commercial LMR radio seen this does happen.
      Should have gone through visual QA inspection as for solder joints and clean pcb,but have found this with other china radio mfr’s,so again this is really nothing new.
      I always do my own inspections even with new kit,touch up any dodgy solder joints that look suspect if required.
      Clean pcb with correct flux remover solvents again if required,brand new out the box as I know these are mass produced products and things do sometimes slip,thats why some better outfits will check new out of box radios.
      Wonder why customer not happy,the engineer is fixing the issues and correcting them?

      Lets not forget this is consumer grade equipment,not military life critical radio equipment so QA Inspection levels are not going to be on same level of detail that some customers think happens at a consumer level mass produced.
      IF you want very high grade one to one QA inspection to a very high detail,then expect to pay more for your CB radios or get a good CB tech too look it over first!
      To be fair most cb radios are now a lot higher graded QA nowadays and on a whole 98% good,but the odd 2% will slip on odd occasion’s,chill guys thats why we have good Radio engineers out there!
      Like the vid

      Rob 73’s


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