Barry FM & Barry AM/FM 3 Colour

Thank you to multiple dealers who’ve either emailed or wrote here on the blog that these President radios will become discontinued when the current series has been sold. What can I say? All needed 400 channel* and not 120 export, both worked exceptionally well otherwise with good strong audio. They’ll be replaced with the new 7 colour Barry AM/FM which you can now find in some market areas. Mine was bought in Poland with Konektor5000. I believe the newest version is the best so far as paint seems thicker, build quality is more like President and the audio is in someways better than in previous versions.

So, is the new Barry = February on the list?

* You can purchase many budget radios with 400 channel coverage and 0/5 ending channels. So in my own personal opinion a €59 can come with this so any radio in a higher price category should have it by default. With the functions this radio has, add echo and 400 channel would have been the right choice (just my opinion of course)

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