President Ronald 12/10m €149

Thank you Alessandro for the message telling us all that the newly released President Ronald is €149 at Mediaglobe in Italy. That seems to me a fair price when compared to some of the others including some in excess of €200. Our thanks always to him for the information and below we’ve the link for you.


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  1. Mexico,Brazil South America,Canada poss?
    I know long time back mexico did use 24-25mhz for Taxi commercial use
    I can see the commercial users latching onto this radio in USA,they not interested in SSB for point to point mobile comms.
    If build quality and reliability factor is there and boarding commercial grade radio,then $135 not a bad price
    Cheap is not always the best,solid,well built and reliable quality components,filters and good alignment\QA are in my books,its all about user choice at end of day.


    • Commercial users in north america use the correct radio devices thus bands for their usage…. not 10-12m amateur radio bands.nor CB (Mexico could be an exception) and anyway FM is not approved thus illegal in NA for CB..
      And honestly this nonsense about marketing cb radios with ham bands and falsely labeling them as such has got to stop.


  2. Correctly pricing a cb radio for sale is one of the most important factors that impacts whether a cb radio will sell or not. An overpriced cb radio will struggle to sell. My 2 cent is: President Ronald will struggle to sell even if price is low! SSB to the people!


    • It’s right priced in USA $139 and will sell like hot cakes. Europe is not biggest market for it. I think with SSB and it’s size it could sell. But I’m not keen with it having 12m AM/FM


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