Ronald Drops To £149.95

Thanks go to Sean for sending the news Nevadaradio has dropped the price of the President Ronald 12/10m. Seems a few places around are doing the same. My comments are known, I’m not a fan of 12m AM/FM and it would be better if they’d allowed for the UK channels to be programmed correctly so 27.6012 Being channel 1 and not channel 16 as it is today which is a throwback to old school export radios.

Nevada has it now for a good price in my opinion as the build is the best of the small series, AM audio is great and lots of options in a small box. And yes I know! No SSB


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7 thoughts on “Ronald Drops To £149.95

  1. think they missed the trick of UK band in export mode,maybe flash update V2.0
    I would think very easy to config the flash E2prom on board for extra band plan
    Oh South america uses narrow fm ,unsure if marketing there?
    Brazil cb market allow am,fm (ssb)30w legal so maybe looking there too?
    Just speculating 🙂


    • As we know President can pull tricks out of the bag at anytime. You can use it now on UK if needed but channel 16 band D is channel 1 on UK. Homage to the old Ronald maybe as was low, mid and hi


  2. Looks like this radio has been a bit of a flop, price is dropping like a brick just a few weeks after launch but at £149 it’s still way overpriced.

    Stick SSB in it at this price and it would sell for sure.


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