Midland CB-GO €99.95

What an interesting idea. And I think more behind it than just a special for customers. For a one off price you’ll receive a Midland M Mini transceiver, LC29 antenna and magnetic base and to finish it the radio will come with a fitted cigarette lighter so it’s ready to drop into any vehicle for a vacation or as and when use.

I’m a cynic and will say could this be to sell off stock as the Mini earlier versions (don’t know if they went v2) was a pile of junk with many errors. While I like the GO Pack I’m scared they are older version radios.

Link: https://tinyurl.com/yccubg8e

Congratulations to K-PO for first news on this box. Photos are (c) http://www.k-po.com

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  1. Dear Simon The Wizard,
    I am Davide Cantoni, Export Sales Director in Midland. Thank you for sharing our latest release named “CB GO”, with your network. We do appreciate it.
    With regards to your feedback about our M-Mini (standard version), I do not agree with your cynicism and, above all, when you say that our precedent version was “a pile of junk with many errors”; finally that we need to move our big stock. In fact, is not like that.
    Due the greatest success of our M-Mini (we can say, a very best sold-out item) we decided, listen to the market as Midland do everyday, to provide our reliable customers, with a prompt-solution and price saving. With this new version in fact, we are glad to underline our good position in the market, with a product who can satisfy what the market was asking for.
    Best regards.

    Davide M Cantoni


    • Good Evening Davide. I was in contact with your engineers in Italy and sales that told me how well the radio worked. I purchased 3 with Bluetooth microphones and dongles. Robotic audio, signal meter no real fluid motion, RF Gain only on AM mode (Nanfone told me “was a mistake”) I asked in Italy and was told maybe return the microphones and dongles. A Midland dealer told me “cordless microphone features channel change unique to Midland” again rubbish it features volume only of course. All mentioned to Midland via email, I can remember a sales lady and an engineer replied to my messages.
      40 years of use of CB for myself and this radio wasn’t great quality.. Facts are Facts. Even the manufacturer told me we need make many changes, RF Gain, Robotic Audio on Bluetooth, AM only RF Gain. I contacted resellers as well as Midland Europe directly and quite honestly nobody in Italy cared. No interest at all. It’s a sad fact:

      3 x Midland Mini
      3 x Dongles
      3 x Bluetooth Mikes

      All sit, scrap as all have errors, all are not fit for purpose. I tried the original version, I asked if you’ll change the radio and was told it was perfect. The truth is no CB by no maker is perfect..

      That’s it. Honest reply, nothing hidden



    • Ladies / Gents.
      I’ve forwarded emails from Midland Europe to Mr Cantoni where I was advised to return some products. The dealers laughed and told me nothing was wrong with the equipment. I’ve also forwarded an email from the technical department about initial release no RF Gain in FM just AM. We all know was an error.
      Maybe this radio is V2 or V3 I’ve absolutely no idea. My comments were about initial release.

      It’s Saturday PM, it’s fair to allow time for Mr Cantoni to check his technical and sales department. I’ll update here maybe with the midland mails next week


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