40 Years On Air

This year seems many anniversaries in the world of radio. President is 40 years old, Alfa Tango DX Group is 40 years old and myself I’m 40 years on Citizen Band (CB) radio. Radios the strongest drug in the world. The sound of the crackle and pop of open squelch, the chase of rare countries, the fun of sporadic-e chasing contacts.

I’ve not found a cure for this drug. It gets you sitting on hills in the night or early morning chasing ground wave FM contacts, you start knowing countries by numbers and not by names and are excited to get a piece of paper from a rare place. You lie under a bed cover with headphones connected to your President Madison to hear the Dorset DX Group Network On SSB from around Lulworth Cove! And you skip favourite TV shows just “because” maybe I hear a rare one.

If you don’t love this hobby then you’ve lost your heartbeat. Go chase the skip, hunt the rarer stations and buy something new ready for the summer skip.

So many guys have been part of the radio journey from child to adult. So many have passed away too. The trouble with being a kid in an adults CB World. Some important ones are below, and others know who you are:

Condorman, The Brewer, Cricketer, Shutterbug, Squares, REACT, Sperimental Radio, Happy Cobblers DX Group, Bandit DX, Sunderland Skip Shooters, World Amateurs Club, Wooden Shoes DX Group, Somerset Wallies, HW DX Group, Dorset DX Group, Anglo American Magna Carta International Sidebanders, Nordstrand Friendship, PWDX, Radio Friends, Echo Echo DX Group, DX Group, Canadian Outlaws R.I.P. Frank!! Gentleman Sidebanders Group, Brother Chris 007

Now comes the time to chase the next CB Radio dreams, time to chase the next new radio and time to be part of the biggest CB restart since it started.

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