Midland ML-145 “Update”

As mentioned here a few weeks ago I ordered a Midland ML-145 antenna for tests as some had asked me and if you don’t own then you can’t comment so I decided to try one out and report here and on YouTube. The order was made 8th January via emag with delivery 9-10th January. Nothing came so i asked them and it was leaving on the 11th. Checked again today as it was quiet again and now antenna cannot be delivered. So, I’ll not be looking at the antenna as order cannot be fulfilled.

I ordered it while it was on offer, the offer has now ended and so it’s in stock at higher price but out of stock when was on offer price (but when was ordered in offer period it stated “in stock”) The dealer to send it was PNI in Romania, but advertised in Hungary via emag.

So… Midland now have dealers who advertise it on offer and in stock, you purchase it online then after a few weeks it’s out of stock but IN stock at higher price. Not great but that’s also like first release of M Mini, not great!

To summarize for those interested:

8th January ordered with 24hr delivery as “in stock” final delivery via emag

11th January “The antenna is boxed and we will dispatch it today”

22nd January “Order cannot be fulfilled now”

In stock when ordered as you can’t order when minus stock level, offer price at the time. Offer ends, can’t be shipped as out of stock, but it’s in stock if you pay the new higher price. Midland Europe wake up your dealers as not way to behave. I can order it today full price no troubles, lower offer price no stock (it’s same antenna)

We are all radio people of the world:

On offer and in stock lower price

Offer ends, antenna in stock higher price

Out of stock in offer period

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6 thoughts on “Midland ML-145 “Update”

  1. This was my first antenna (I’m fairly new to CB), I haven’t used it that much. At the time I’ve been advise to purchase the famous Sirtel Super Santiago 1200 as it was a better antenna overall. I decided not to go for the 1200 only because of the size of it, since I wanted to install it in my car permanently . I end up not to do so and later I went for the Sirio Performer 5000 PL.

    Anyway, I do not dislike the ML-145 but obviously I get better performance of the 5000 when I’m “out and about” in static mobile style (like the last weekend – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx0NI3evI8c&feature=youtu.be) , so I do not use the Midland anymore.


    • Awesome message. Thank you so much for sharing the information. Your the first with comments. Yes understood about the 5000 as it’s bigger and wider bandwidth. What’s your average distance on the ML-145 and Sirio 5000. Just curious. THANK you for the news it’s great of you to write


    • Humm… I’ve never tested them side by side. With the 5000, for the same distance (although on different days) what I can say is that a friend of mine, located 155km away, comes more louder and clear.

      Maybe I can do that in the next few days.

      Rui Delgado


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