Bells CB President Ronald “Tune Up”

BellsCB in Florida has the new Ronald on the bench for a tune up video. What makes me laugh are the comments “not proving popular” how do they know it? I’ve asked dealers in EU and it’s being sold well in AM markets. I can say the Ronald is selling zero units in Hungary too as it’s not sold here. So pinch of salt needed. I know a guy called Troy and he’s got one and I wait his video to add here and he loves it. So, we know more things around the corner so as Markus says “let’s wait and see”

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6 thoughts on “Bells CB President Ronald “Tune Up”

  1. A quick mention that this is a Qixiang Quanzhou China radio made without any kind of improvement from President (no invention from President, since their 1997 ASC which is out of date).
    And i think many were interested if SIMONTHEWIZARD website is directed to helping promoting President. As we all see your comment on Youtube BellsCB it was a NO neutral comment, but a fanatical attacking somebody that said Ronald is not popular radio. Is this a review site or a President site? Why a review site should care about 1 comment (not video) on Youtube?
    If is a President site, than you should pay credit to QIXIANG! GREAT CHINA MADE! This is becoming a shame website!
    You should pay credit to the developer not to the most expensive brand in the history of CB! What is your percentage from President? Do you have percentage for every attack against Youtube comment?


  2. I am in NA and i can tell you that when we get skip on 11m it’s from USA and never do we hear FM, It’s 90% AM and the rest is SSB on ch. 38 that’s it. FM is indeed not popular here.


  3. A YouTube search for “President Ronald 10/12m” will give you an idea of how popular it is. If Bells CB, Mike’s Radio Repair and Simon The Wizard didn’t have one you’d be struggling to find a video. 😁


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