Republic Of Kosovo

As the radio amateurs are chasing the new entity of Z6 the Republic Of Kosovo it’s announced overnight that the Alfa Tango DX Group also recognized this new call sign and it becomes 352 division for them on the 11m band. My guess is now the premier league of 11m clubs will all rush to activate this new entity

New Entity: Republic of Kosovo

Prefix : Z6

Zone CQ: 15

Zone ITU: 28

Validity :  2018/01/21 00:00 UTC

Prefix AT:  352

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One thought on “Republic Of Kosovo

  1. I’ve always wondered who manages the DXCC list on CB ? could the 11m pope be the alfa tango leader ?? I also wonder wich are the 12 additional entities on the 11m list ? ham radio has 340 entities. Difficult to verified as 11m has them listed in a different order.


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