HF Doktor President Barry AM/FM High Power

Here is a first for the blog and with sincere thanks to Klaus HF Doktor whose produced now a mini Ronald from his President Barry. I like it! I think that all this series of Barry, Andy, Barry and Barry needed really various power in export mode. Meaning you can press a button and have export power and press again it’s back to 4 watts. Information directly from Klaus below. Need the radio use contact and I’ll forward your message to Klaus.

Just one word Klaus! Awesome

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  1. A quick mention that this is a Qixiang Quanzhou China radio made without any kind of improvement from President (no invention from President, since their 1997 ASC which is out of date).
    And i think many were interested if SIMONTHEWIZARD website is directed to helping promoting President. As we all see your comment on Youtube BellsCB it was a NO neutral comment, but a fanatical attacking somebody that said Ronald is not popular radio. Is this a review site or a President site? Why a review site should care about 1 comment (not video) on Youtube?
    If is a President site, than you should pay credit to QIXIANG! GREAT CHINA MADE! This is becoming a shame website!
    You should pay credit to the developer not to the most expensive brand in the history of CB! What is your percentage from President? Do you have percentage for every attack against Youtube comment?


    • It’s true, check the tag lines they are mentioned. Why would a Romanian owned site be so upset to say these things? Gabriela your a man, it’s not even your own name. Remember an old mail, I know you use a VPN. Plus 2 guys in Iasi told me the same thing.

      YouTube: So it’s ok to say for example “Avanti Moroni doesn’t sell” when you’ve got no figures, no idea of it and report it as fact? You need get it sourced from 2-6 dealers not one video. I asked send me details and I’ll add it here. If people know the facts then share to the world and not just guess it.

      I’ve wrote everywhere, read all the blog not just one article.

      Bad idea AM FM and 12 metres as illegal in these modes. Don’t like the name, needed SSB, gets too hot add a Palomar MaxMod.

      I found errors. Alpha Channels are out of position with span on..

      And as you know, no factories pay me. You’ve asked me via hundreds of mails in history and was given answers..

      If If was so great made it wouldn’t have had errors noted online, on this blog.

      Did you read that’s Klaus R (HF-Doktor) modified radio. He messaged me via Facebook. He is actually Mr Anytone. Fine guy who can make magic with Qixiang radios. If people don’t write I can’t feature there words.


    • And new iPhone X isn’t called Foxconn X
      And new Samsung S8 isn’t called Foxconn 8

      The people who promote the site are the public who contact it. They are the asset, not the site.

      Unlike a business, I get no percentage. Blog is self funded, domain name paid, expansion of GB due to being full all self funded. Nobody at all supports it. If you believe otherwise I’m sorry for you as it’s absolute lies and false.


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