HF Doktor Barry AM/FM High Power “Video” UPDATED

Emails are already popping here about the HF Doktor and his latest creation. Thankfully Klaus has added now a video which tells the story much better than I can here so below is the video and we will feature some of his words about the creation for the German readers of the blog.

Absolutely Awesome Klaus, absolute top..

Sadly someone took offense and wrote I should say how fantastic Qixiang is as the developer

But the engineer whose made this radio better and modified is Klaus, not President nor Qixiang. I don’t believe (but don’t know actually specific) that Klaus works at Qixiang or President. Klaus is Klaus and MR Anytone from my Anytone forum.

It’s his words, his video, his modification, his smartness to perform them. Thanks as last night to Paul, Hans Pieter, Jack and Robert who emailed the link to add it. Someone assumed was Simon’s words, they are not. They are from Klaus (above taken from Facebook)

Provider of the comments always uses a masked IP, VPN this time via soft layer. But un-masking tools show Location. And the most interesting is they use a site called Anytone.com as the email address, but Anytone doesn’t own it. Plus the writer of the mail writes in a very specific way with emphasis on certain words. So I know who it is as writes the same mails directly under a different name. A mans, not a ladies name.

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