Lincoln II v Ronald 12/10m “Audio Video”

Thanks go to Alessandro for sending me a message with a link to a video where his President Lincoln II is side by side against the President Ronald 12/10m. The receiving station is a Midland Quarantotto and the distance away remains unknown. But you’ll hear the sound and can decide which sounds the better of the two on AM mode.

For me it’s the first actual side by side I’ve heard. I think I’d have fitted the Ronald with same adjustable Bleep as Lincoln II as would have suited it better than bwuulp sound. Thank you Alessandro for the link and video. Top indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Lincoln II v Ronald 12/10m “Audio Video”

  1. Air distance between me and my friend is 18km.
    Same antenna and same mic were used on both radios.
    Except for the roger beep, is nearly impossible to recognize the difference between the two radios: a first “blind” test on air confirmed it.
    On receive side, the Ronald received 1 point more on the smitter while radio quality was 5 on both.
    The Ronald seems to receive less qrm.



    • Ciao Good Afternoon,

      Yep I tend to agree. The Ronald seemed in my ears a little stronger sound and echo was stronger too. But it’s so hard to guess.. We wait to see more videos and tests. I like the sound, both sounded rich on AM. Maybe FM could be a bigger difference in sound maybe?
      Great to read you
      Ciao 🎈🎈


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