CRT 9900 100w @Artero

Thanks to Marek and Bob who’ve asked me if I’ve seen the advert for the CRT9900 with power options of 1-40w, 4-80w and finally the option of 100 watts for an extra price. Below is the link and honestly I’m not sure about this as think it’ll make more troubles than it’s worth. Click onwards to see the link:


As I read it I see the standard version (I think) costs 1065 LEI so €229 / £203 so I’m not sure what the 100 watt version comes out at.

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  1. We managed to increase the power to 100W without any risk of overheating. Obviously, short period communications and the station has yo be ventilated, the rule to be respected for any high power CB. You can see video (not of very good quality) on our YouTube channel.


  2. Id have to see it and on a spectrum analyzer and scope to believe its not just spurious emissions and actual power on channel/frequency.. And even if its clean, the stock heat sink would not be sufficient for anything but very short key ups. I have to agree Simon, seems like it will cause more trouble than its worth, without further information anyhow.


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