Why I’m Against 12/10m Why No SSB

As the title states I’m against these radios that come 12/10m with solely AM/FM. There is no conceivable reason to have them. It simply puts a flashing neon light on top of the radio as 24.89~24.99 then 28.0~29.70 means sure the radio covers all in between. I agree that radios with SSB/CW sure why not add 12m but in what’s just a AM/FM radio then start at 25.000 or just a small amount up from 24.990

Hope that this answers the mails I’ve got in past days about why I’m against it. It’s personal opinion of course but that’s my reason.

AM/FM/SSB/CW Yes 24.8 Upwards

AM/FM No 25.0 Upwards

I’d not advertise it as 12/10m as it is absolutely not needed, not wise, not smart idea.

Just advertise it as a “10 metre AM FM” then keep option inside and not advertised

Why No SSB?

Again it rises people all upset, keyboard warriors residing behind fake names and often bossed over by wives and girlfriends where they sit trying to rule the world in a bedroom behind an apron and a keyboard.

President Known to be expensive. Let’s imagine they’d release President Richard SSB for €299. All that happens is people moan about price, moan that it isn’t “exactly” how they want it and all say my CRT, Intek, Anytone, Cobra whatever it be is the same or cheaper.. So why bother? Most of the keyboard big mouths don’t spend just talk so no need to make stuff that don’t sell. Like it or not some companies are resellers only with no engineers but President, Dazz, Midland employ engineers so prices are more as changes needed and not one size fits all sales mentality used.

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5 thoughts on “Why I’m Against 12/10m Why No SSB

  1. Outstanding Post! Couldn’t agree more. How many radio operators in the freeband use AM/FM? Very Few
    Not to mention it makes the radios quite unusable on the 12/10 M bands as well


    • Depends on definition “freeband” ultimately. If it means 27.4~27.6 yep it’s all SSB but inside all areas of Europe there is lots of action 26.5~27.4 and 27.6~27.99 where legal bands reside.

      But why 24.8~24.9 AM/FM I can’t figure it out.
      It has no real value (Its my $1 worth anyway)
      Hope your well Reverend? Thanks for writing

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    • Doing well Simon, I hope you are as well. I read your posts everyday on my feed, and I’m happy you decided to keep your blog going in the new year. Always a pleasure to read the information you present. I try to post when I can add to the content. Now we just need some Propagation!


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