Palomar Max Mod In A SR-94HPc

Interesting video from Lester’s Custom Truck Shop about the installation of a Palomar Max Mod Inside the Stryker SR-94HPc. I think that this would be also a great fit inside the President Ronald or (12/10m) as it’s generating quite a lot of heat inside the case. Looks like a great solution indeed. I know a few people with different high power radios and they recommend this Max Mod.

Max Mod In Europe:

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  1. Yeah, too bad Eric Lewis is slacking in getting product to the masses. All Wholesale suppliers are out of anything he sells, max mod, mic’s, EKL parts etc. He told me nearly a year and a half ago that the TRB-X4 was a few months from being released lol.. Would be nice if EKL/Palomar got their act together. Pretty obvious people will buy it if you provide it lol. So cross our fingers this dry spell is almost over…lol


    • They’ve got some in the Netherlands if you need but I’m sure a pain in ass to import from there? You could try if that’s not a problem Truckerswereld. It’s a pity as I think also Magnum1 stopped being manufactured but sure you’ll know better than me


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