Bigger Mini Radio “Hera”

It all started back in mid 2017 when a discussion was had about a “reset in mini radios” in China and the idea that they could come a little larger than current models that are being sold at the moment. This could allow for different microphone other than just fitted ones plus allow easier multi function display etc. Thijs from has his finger on the pulse of radio sites and found this below radio.

These photos are from Oleksandr_ur5kft originally..

I can add further meat on the bones of the photo:


7 Colour Display


Frequency & Channel Display

High & Normal Mode

RJ-45 Microphone Connection

I expect a prototype in the next 7~21 days via DHL and this is customs dependent as sometime takes long time to clear and pay the taxes.

This was and is a secret project and is way off being ready for production. But as Matthijs Detective Agency found it out then I’ve come clean as know about it a few months now. Currently it’s not ok to say who’ll import it as it’s not more than a prototype to a few people. You’ll need to wait longer till see a version in the local dealer and store.

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  1. We at the MDA are here too serve and reveal 😉

    Interesting little radio let’s see what it will develop into


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