The Hera “Video”

So less than 24 hours from Hong Kong it’s sat on the desk and listening to the free 40 channels without any life at the moment. Below is a small video made with time constraints but you’ll be amazed how small this radio actually is when you think it’s a “bigger mini” it’s got a lot going on with it.

First off the dimensions 124x101x36 mm

As you see the -5kc is also working but not on this radio which is in multi EU configuration at the moment. If you use this radio in HAM or HF mode then you’ll have 4/8 watts AM and 4/8/15 watts in FM mode so you can drop the power to run your KL-203’s or turn it up if you’ve no interest in running an amplifier.

The EU version is at the moment coming with bands EU, IN, CE, DE, I2, PL, U

Select U for UK and you are provided with UK and EU band so can access AM and FM in CEPT mode and the usual 40 in FM mode

Colours: Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, White, Red and Green

Today it seems you need seven colours to survive in the market

All these options can change during development and when things occur then we will learn about them and feature them later in the months leading up to the release of the radio. Next video and the inside story will come in a few days.

Guys already people asking where to buy it and how much

NOT Manufactured at the moment. Just in development stage.

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9 thoughts on “The Hera “Video”

  1. Thanks for passing the ideas on Simon still waiting on a president McKinley for the eu market one can but dream



    • Hi Carl,

      Message is passed but sleeping in China now. Mc Kinley EU I don’t know. I agree partly as USA one is superb but in EU price could be high, makes people angry or upset. I’d like it too!! Maybe in 12 months of President but honestly no news either yes or no. Slipped off radar at almost end of 2017 😟 Thanks for the message


    • Anytime Simon it’s good to share ideas., president who knows anything is possible when it comes to radio releases keep up the good work with the blog an YouTube stuff



    • Hi Carl. Message passed via Skype so will send you an email when they reply. But sadly SSB radios are a smaller market place, and ultimately it needs between 1-3 companies to want it with SSB then they’d look into it.


      Intek, CRT, K-PO, Anytone, Aquario

      As example all wanted AT-5555 so it went ahead. It just needs enough resellers to ask for it with SSB then they’d look into it.


  2. Hi Simon here’s an idea for the manufacturer get rid of the emergency button and put ssb in it would be a good idea as ch9 isn’t monitored anymore


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