President Walker & Jackson II “Return”

Says a lot and that’s about all I’ll say! President Walker and the President Jackson II will appear again it seems during the last part of March with price tags in the region of €329 for the Jackson II and €209 for the Walker. I think that after the demise of these two it appears that something not OK in France as they ride again. Jackson II was the sole analogue meter SSB radio in the line up so it’s back and the Walker too. Are these two part of the 12 months of President or a sign new versions aren’t on the cards just yet?

I love those Jackson II’s. I’ve a multi norm with in built echo, I’ve a fully expanded version with in off via vox, I’ve another with multi norm and MuRata, a chrome multi norm version and lastly a Konektor tuned one in export mode, has MuRata inside, all the mods and is killer quiet receive. Long may these beauties come to market.

Thanks to usual spy for the info..

Analogue S-Meter SSB am delighted to see again.

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8 thoughts on “President Walker & Jackson II “Return”

  1. Die Jackson II war bis jetzt das beste Gerät das ich hatte, allerdings sind auch so manche Kleinigkeiten vom Kucha Hans verändert worden. Die Grant II schaut zwar schöner aus, kann aber der J2 nicht das Wasser reichen! ( Hab die alte Schwarze mit Echo 🙂 )


  2. Why do Jackson 2 radios ping at the beginning of tx on UK band ive had 2 now and the both did it only on UK in expanded mode they dont do it maybe something to do with the VCO?


  3. Definitely the worst SSB radio I ever bought. I genuinely wouldn’t have a Jackson 2 again even if they only cost £50 brand new.


  4. mine was awful on ssb just could not get on with it give it to a lad I new and he half sorted it but he said was never 100% happy the walker was great on Am ok on fm, but I all ways thought they were over priced for what they were but if they sort out the later probs they will be ok


  5. The Jackson 2 Chrome that I bought was absolutely awful on SSB. The audio was very garbled especially on stronger signals and the radio was off frequency.

    Also the control knobs were very loose and wobbly.

    For £269 I expected much more from the radio.

    If President do bring it back they really must sort out these problems!


    • Chrome not returning just black so it says online. My chrome had “wobbly knobs” but swapped out and fitted better. Chrome procedure different to black plastic buttons but swapped ones work better. The dealer in UK who told me said expect £300 Jackson II and £220 Walker. Guess it’s April’s Radios then?


    • Didn’t dealer swap your knobs? I sent mine to dealer and new ones returned in post 🙄 but in export mode it was off frequency. Was adjusted locally so was set on rU and slightly off on normal EU banding as cant do both 100%


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