Midland M-20 “High Power Mode”

Today we take a look at the Midland M-20. It’s actually an overlooked radio for some reasons in some markets but it’s actually well made and works very similar to the Midland 78 in my opinion. But what makes it interesting is the high power mode which hides within and with this blog entry we are trying to find it.

I believe with a soldering iron break the connection on OPT5 and then around 10 watts will come from the radio. You can adjust RP8 for correct power which is labelled PWR

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4 thoughts on “Midland M-20 “High Power Mode”

  1. Good day Mr Simon!

    Interesting post indeed. I would imagine the “High Power” mode would be for FM?

    On AM, a 10 Watt carrier fully modulated would be a pretty healthy signal on the air, compared to a stock signal.

    Good to read you, as always


  2. What interests me is that a proper Am modulation transformer as it does look like one,I can see a DC choke transformer?
    thats why suspecting it is old school modulation transformer,need to do some investigating Si.
    Most of the china made ones all use series modulators from the DC regulator,be nice to see if it really is this Simon.


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