President Bill EU & USA

Thanks to Facebook we’ve got a look at the European version of the President Bill currently residing in the USA. It’s also EXCELLENT news as the cat is out of the bag because a USA version of the Bill will come with of course no FM and with weather channels. From my side after see these photos I’m less impressed as before. Sure it’s small, BUT…… Plus important to remember it’s my belief this radio is a mock up due to a few aspects. The one you’ll buy or see in dealers will (I think) look better.

As we see on bottom photo no serial number so more time to waste till it appears. Hi hum time passes slowly.

No USA Prices and NO timeline.

But for many, myself included time too long, too slow to release date and still seems a long way away. Plus the radio was hot when it first popped up and was interesting, now as time passes the Anytone Hera, CRT Xenon, Midland M-30 and others all popping up to come to market soon.

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One thought on “President Bill EU & USA

  1. I really hope they implement on Euro version Firmware, RF gain that can be be set independent in modes and remember your user settings. As sometimes you need less RX gain in Am mode due to more noise floor,than FM ie RF Gain Am=80% Fm=100% Id find that very handy feature when swapping modes,saves having to go back into the RF gain menu as global setting value.
    Plus add in the audio clipping diode\s limiter for FM mode for improved speech punch!
    Thats working so well on my retro fitted CRT SS-6900,AE-6110,Randy II,very simple fix and can be improved on a fresh design very simply with min of fuss\cost and give very good solid sounding FM modulation.

    China mfr missing this trick,strange thing is all the old cb and some other mfr sets do include this as standard.
    Even the New Midland M-Zero Plus has this feature on FM!

    So those two features are on my wish\want list,fingers crossed.

    Im routing on this radio as next AE-6110 replacement \similar mini mobile,looks very solid commercial styling.,cant wait for Videos and Inside looks next Si!

    Rob 73’s


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