Richard & Bill USA Prices Announced

News is online from the USA about the prices of the Richard & Bill USA AM only radio which as you’ll see both should be coming soon. I’m scaling back on President on the blog so won’t be mentioning much going forward. And as space is a premium many things will change till blog expires.

So Richard = $139.99

Bill USA = $79.99

So you’ve seen the prices directly from Facebook group!! No need to ask me anymore about the prices as emails will be ignored. Thanks Daniel L for the info..

Both are not featured on President USA

Both haven’t seen light of day in EU

Both have multiple launch dates whoever you ask

Flip a coin! That’s the real answer when it’s released

And remember the Page 43 article… I’m not that certain prices will be ok..

And Guys n Girls!! I’ve got emails about the Ronald. So, reality is the Ronald without 12/10m am told it’s sold in dealers now everywhere! I’ve not found one, I don’t know if the errors are fixed (Alpha Channels, Echo, Power)

*Power Low ~ Reported By a guy in Pennsylvania (30w AM not 50w)

*A Channels / Echo ~ I found

If you find one please tell me, send me photos as I’m not informed and no idea!!

Thank you overnight emails Jim, Jason, Pip and Ronnie (Subject closed for blog)

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5 thoughts on “Richard & Bill USA Prices Announced

  1. Hi Simon sir! I can say I have personally seen and metered over 5 Ronald’s and all have seen 48-50 watts PEP on AM (dummy load and using Diamond SX-200 meters). All of ours also are 10-12 meter. Seeing 24.715-30.105 thus far. Also, will run continuous in frequency mode and as long as in frequency mode picks up all, in channel mode then does not. What I have found thus far sir if this helps.


    • You are always the gentleman. If you’ve made any videos we can feature for all other CB friends please let me know any link.
      Monday I’m calling your office again. Past few weeks here beyond crazy and other stuff.. Hope you and family all well


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