Palomar SL-41 Adjustment

Received many emails about this excellent microphone and to be honest I’m way behind on mails so please be patient I’m going to respond. This microphone comes 4 pin with an AAA battery which drives the electret element so making it a power mike but no external adjustment for audio. Below we’ve got the adjustment directly from Palomar. I bought my microphone in EU and it’s excellent. Tough build, great quality, long battery life (took me a year to open the box) so below the details.

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  1. I own two SL41. With both I had issues repositioning the battery after mic adjustment. On this point Palomar might find a better way to fix the battery contacts to the mic housing.
    Also the jumper to increse the bass response colud be supplied with the mic.
    Outstanding on SSB, good on AM and FM.
    Perfect choice for people who like to have their lips “kissing” the mic grid.


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