Stryker SR-955HPC Soldering

Thanks to Gary A from Illinois for sending me the link to the Stryker video below and for asking me to comment. Well I can say poor really how the driver isn’t really attached and poor how the heat conductors are against the board too. I’m not interested about the finger marks as just not bothered and funny the “Made In Vietnam” as its “Made In China” or PRC depending on your beliefs.

I also agree it’s very poor this radio with solder blobs, hit and miss how it’s built BUT that’s also how rig technicians make a living. Maybe if it was perfect we’d hear nothing at all? Do I think all are the same? No I don’t! Would it stop me buying one? Not at all.

Overall your of course correct the factory needs to raise the game a little. For such an expensive piece of equipment it’s not ok.

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2 thoughts on “Stryker SR-955HPC Soldering

  1. Don’t believe for this m……..ker, I had a lot of experience with him. Back in the day he was good, he did 3 or 4 radios for me,but letter he wanna charge me for some BS. Even if you send for him good working radio,he always said something is wrong..and won’t charge you more. Not good person at all. Believe me..


  2. is not an isolated case.
    can not understand why QM has failed.
    it’s just some of the 955 (maybe 655?) boards
    I’ve just got a 955 on the bench 20160523 board inside …. horrible
    probably affected only a small delivery quantity? we will see…


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