Theft Of Yaesu Equipment

Markus from NeunerFunk is reporting that Difona Communications GMBH has had theft of some equipment FT-857D, FT-891E and FT-2DE and below we’ve got a list of the serial numbers and should you come across these radios then please contact Difona directly with the information as you have it!

Report of 12.05.2018

Difona Communication Gmbh reports theft of various digital devices.

Before buying it is warned, any relevant clue is generously rewarded.


8 f310264,

8 F310265


8 f160386,

8 f160387,

8 f160388,

8 F160389


8 f490247,

8 f490248,

8 f490251,

8 f490252,

8 F490253

8 F490254

8 F490255

8 F490256

8 F490257

8 F490258

8 F490259

8 F490260

Please share and possibly notice to the communication gmbh

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