Help Needed America!

So America or anywhere else in the radio world can you help the Wizard? I’ve asked around and the situation is as clear as river Danube in the rain. I’ve an old Ronald 12/10m and it’s niggling me. Actually it’s insulting me! So before I will lay down the currency on a plain named Ronald I need to know the stuff below.

12/10 Ronald

27.6012 is channel 16 D like on an old multimode. Has it been changed now so it’s slightly more VFO and shows channel 1 for example.

Alpha Channels we’re not ok with SPAN ON so channel 19A showed channel 20

Receive is it still high white noise or is it now better

Echo does it sometimes say ON and it’s OFF and on when it’s off. (Not happen often)

Ronald No 12/10m in name

Has it changed at all.

I know to the world these things aren’t important on grand scale but if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.

Factory can’t tell me as “client confidentiality” which is completely acceptable. I have found new radios with 12/10m on box but not just Ronald and I’m just intrigued to know if anything changed at all. Guess in the end I’ll commit to a “Ronald” but just wanted to see if radio is in the same software guise now or did something change.

Radio World it’s up to you….l

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5 thoughts on “Help Needed America!

  1. Sorry Wizard, no answers for you from Italy regarding the Ronald “No 12/10m in name”.
    The “10/12m” price, on the web site of the official Italian distributor, just dropped down to 125 €.
    Probably the new Roland “only” will be available when the stock of the “10/12” will be over.
    From my side, owning a 10/12, I can confirm you the issue with the echo but, as far the white noise is concerned, mine is working as good as a Lincoln 2+ or a CRT9900, just to give a reference.


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