*New / Nowy * President Bill ASC

Just a couple of days after Markus from NeunerFunk released his German manual the radio is out and about small quantities. Below we’ve the first two photos of the box and the unit which is incredible small to say the least and soon we will be back with the follow up about it.

It’s small as the above shows again the Motorola T-82 Extreme

Thanks to 19U59 Hans, 13AT414 Reiner and 13DW05 Carsten for the conversations yesterday. Two of which were on AM channel 28 (27.285) and also thank you to Darren 26#03 In Skegness Lincolnshire for the audio report on the UK40 and the signal report.

Above kindly sent to me via email by Mr Tumpe. We’d not spoke but he heard me give web address and send the video.

Equipment used:

President Bill

Electret Normal President UP DWN Mike

Himalaya WB On 3ft mast Against a fence post

140m ASL

Test piece, not opened up, not looked at and no longer sitting around. More on the blog and YouTube in the next days. I’m informed from the dealer J inside are absolutely no variables, nothing to adjust, absolutely nothing so that’s that and the new way ahead it seems.

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