What When Where

Time to take a look at outstanding equipment that’s on the cards and the possible timeline if known for this equipment. Remember nothing logical and sure just a rough guess in most cases at what things could, should and maybe around the timeline. It’s most of all a bit of fun so let’s see what we think and how much comes true.


Xenon (Multi Norm) Guess = July

Midland Europe

M-30 (Multi Norm) Guess = Think produced comes anytime

M-5 (Multi Norm) Guess = June

tti Korea

Nothing new known about as of today

tti TCB-555 Out Now


Rumor of new radio maybe 10 metre AM/FM but hearsay now dealers in USA

Albrecht Germany

Nothing heard about not even on grapevine

President France

*Bill (Multi Norm) Guess = May – June

Richard (10 metre radio) Guess = August

Walker II “Classic” (Multi Norm) Guess = September or October

Jimmy III (Multi Norm) Guess = July – September

SSB Rumors started at Durmersheim in 2017 but nothing heard, known, nothing

McKinley EU (Multi Norm SSB) Who knows

Anytone / Qixiang

There was talk of general release of Apollo II in high power format = Unknown

Avanti Radios

Nothing known at the moment


Nothing known


Nothing known

These are guesses and nothing carved in Stone. The Xenon I was told directly from CRT that it would be June sometime but when add in sending, import, time to get to dealers that’s my guess.

I hope that this will help answer the questions that I get daily via email and other media’s. It’s most guesses, hearsay and the like but that’s how radio is. Let’s see what will actually happen..

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