President Bill ASC “Last Bit”

Everything has its finale and this is the Bills. I’ve played around with it and have the following bits to add with some disclaimers that this was a test piece and I’m not sure how, what or if things will change on the way to the dealers. That’s not my business, not paid and have no influence although foolish people think differently.


From the box EU Band was 3.36w FM and 3.34w AM so below legal limits

UK 40 This had in my case the most power with 4.20w FM


I live in a noise hell place you see it on videos. It ran always between S2-S4 of noise but it can receive signals in this noise where as some radios can’t hear much. That’s what I found. Video content backs this up on YouTube.

DYna & Elec

Ive tried Astatic Teardrop, Palomar SL-41, Tuned EC-2002, Sadelta ME-3, headset and the best audio I’ve got came from the standard microphone with Elec selected. Others work and work very well but as I heard now two videos where it’s been standard supplied mike against another the supplied mike was the best (in my ears) The microphone cable is thinner and a little more brittle in my opinion but the sound it produces is clear and sharp.

What Else

Nerdy stuff. According to dealers, President and others nothing to adjust! There are no variables inside. I’m told nothing at all!

Mods & Rockers

Now (Friday) after long looking and also thinking I’ve found the export mode modification (wasn’t told by anyone at all just looked and thought) I can say that it took me a while but managed in the end. It is however not confirmed as not tried it (tried it now) just looked around and finally saw something out of place that looked to be an addition. More Information as and when I’ve looked into it more.

Importantly: For those in UK let’s say you are on Band A channel 31 (27.315FM) you press the MODE select and it will take you to UK-40 so the usual 27601-27991 and then click MODE and it goes to AM Band A 27.315. In grand scheme of life not much but incredibly useful. Plus you’ve also got t5 and t0 to allow 5 and 0 ending Frequencies.

But don’t do it as ruins warranty. This was done to show it can be done, not how. Best is keep the warranty as you’ll never know when you need it…

Touch The Power

It’s been confirmed the radio is powered by 13N10 output transistor. And indeed no adjustment are inside although the same modification for the “full power mod” like those featured on some other radios will work in my estimation but why loose the warranty you’ve got.

That’s it! Finished on this radio and you’ll need to buy one and have a play to decide how you like it or how it doesn’t fulfill you in some ways.

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