Multiple IR Islands On Air

Today and tomorrow will be as we’ve reported the “Original Islands Weekend” and as part of the event International Radio DX Group will have operators on air from many places. Below we’ve got news of just a few of the islands that will be made active via member Gui in France.

Hi, for ORIGINAL ISLAND FESTIVAL 2018, I plan to be QRV from 14IR/MA122 Blanche island (new one) , 14IR/MA045 St Rion island (IOTA EU-074), 14IR/MA123 Raguenes meur island (EU-074), 14IR/MA052 Lavrec island (EU-074). I will be on the archipelago a total of around 36 hours of the 48 hours of contest, depending of sea conditions, time include travels made by boat.(start by boat on saturday 6h00 gmt until sunday evening 19h gmt). RIG: FT857- amp ALS500 – Quad – 18 meters sb pole – gen 2kW

I will move from one island to another island when sea conditions will permit, depend of sea tide. stay tune on cdk, I will put infos on chat when I’ll move.

Island festival 2018 is 1 First week end of June 2018.

Activities planned for this event :

14IR/MA122 Blanche island

14IR/MA045 St Rion island (IOTA EU-074)

14IR/MA123 Raguenes meur island (EU-074)

14IR/MA052 Lavrec island (EU-074). Already I’m in the log. Listen 520

29IR/EU-115 Ireland

104IR/EU-014 Corsica island

155IR/AS-020 Taïwan island

173IR/AF-016 Reunion island

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9/5/18 compiled