President Lincoln II + OOB Setup

Thanks Tim in IL for sending me the link to videos about the Lincoln II + as tuned by Snake Radio Customs out of Arizona. What can I say? Radios are made at a price and in such some are not as perfect as others. I agree that heatsink compound should be better applied and also agree getting something checked out whether by Lester, Tim or another before purchase why not! But just like if you try to sell a pristine and perfect car the buyer will always find something!

And agree the 980 microphone sounded better than the supplied microphone. Audio is personal so what I think is ok others can hate it. Plain and simple.

I’m not me if I don’t say something controversial so here goes. Is it and was it a good replacement to the original? Answer is NO as it needed to go down a different line than it indeed took. To put it bluntly the maker learned how to make better radios while developing this one. It’s a good radio but it’s just missing that something and that something is Uniden! If there was ever a Lincoln III then I’d hope it could and would be different but sadly I think it would plough a similar furrow than anything more. If you dress a person in a shark hat you’ve still the same person but just wearing a shark hat.

And please remember technicians need to find errors it’s what keeps shops open, money coming in and food on the table. That’s it’s bluntly.

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