Albrecht AE-6110 4/10/20w FM

Another video of the highly modifiable Albrecht AE-6110 based upon the Qixiang Smart chassis. These modifications are from Germany and are sometimes available for sale on eBay. Below we’ve sent the YouTube link and it’s amazingly interesting how many modifications are available. I think that an added fan could be useful on these radios with the extra wattage. Yes they get hot! But what some clever technicians with clever ideas.

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One thought on “Albrecht AE-6110 4/10/20w FM

  1. i was speaking to someone the other week who said they have been having quite a few 6110’s back with processors gone bad, i’m wondering if all these mods (and the users attempting them, after watching youtube) has anything to do with it? I’ve sold quite a few (just within the UK though) and not had a single problem. Heard anything about this Simon? or anyone else?

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