*NEW* Midland M-5 Undressed

After some disparaging remarks on a forum that I’d never seen the Midland M-5 so cannot comment about it below we’ve the uncovered photos from the inside from the Midland I’ve not seen. I tested one at the start of the year when the dealers had I guess the samples to have a look at. It’s really not bad at all! I found a couple of niggles but this was now many months ago and since then no news so we will see. Just because someone is silent about something it doesn’t mean they know nothing about it. The insides share a similar look to the CRT Millenium V3 as well as the split power lead configuration. On the whole an excellent heavy duty microphone wire, export mode and also high power mode for the pirates out there and in a strong and robust case.

Obviously I was loaned this radio like in this case I think was in February and the deal is “keep your mouth shut” and this is done always without compromise. But now the radio is out there on the street I believe I’m safe enough to speak. Give it a go I think you’ll be surprised. Even at the sample stage just was ASQ need adjustment but the audio and the receive was good as was the export facilities.

Grazie Davide C e PaoloMaria

Unfortunately since Easter some 10 emails sent about “stuff” and zero replies at all so guess maybe my feedback during this time wasn’t appreciated. But that’s life! Don’t want an honest answer don’t ask a question.


Band: Multi

40 AM/FM channels

Output power: 4W AM/FM

Die-cast metal body

“Handy” controls on the mike

Selectable multicolour backlight (7 colours)

Manual squelch 28 levels

Digital squelch at 5 levels

RF gain


Indication S-meter RX-TX

Sliding and/or tilting fastening bracket

Lighter power supply

USB socket for charging electrical devices

2 pin Kenwood socket (microphone)

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  1. looks nice and tidy ideal for under the seat and a good mic lead, I hope its as good are the crt mike as its has be good to
    beat the crt mike, and I still have and still getting great reports fm, and better reports on Am and you know Simon I am a great fan of Am.

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