Mystic Moment “July”

So messages arrive via various multi media devices asking me about President July. You know what it’s not great when “coming soon” can mean months so I’m not sure what you want me to say? AM/FM quite a few have been announced and since the Grant II Premium & Jackson II have returned it tells us that something was coming then maybe delayed? Detachable fronted SSB radio can be done it’s possible as talks with a factory confirmed “but the market isn’t ready for it” I was told so seems I’m too far in the future even back in 2014 when I thought about it.

Above, search it on the blog “Uniden I’d make with SSB” in the series over 9,000 hits and 468 likes. Think I’ll drop a line to Uniden about it….

SO, choices are AM FM or SSB and I think the “obvious” choice is announce a SSB radio BUT if it can’t come quickly then sales will suffer of current stock so maybe not! So it’ll be AM/FM.

You can’t predict the unpredictable is the sentence you need when you talk about President. But most likely AM FM and it’ll come next year if current ways are continued. Maybe even a President Donald with Orange display and “make me look slim” casing is possible too.

Cost & Time

Always remember in a factory day of 10 hours work you can make roughly 1000 AM/FM radios and around 200-250 SSB radios depending on if any errors occur so that’s another reason why more AM/FM than SSB radios.

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