*NEW* Yaesu FT-4X Unlock

The recent attempts at threatening dealers about MARS CAP unlock codes seems to be working rather well for Yaesu. The recent batch of radios manufactured for them have become increasingly hard to find codes for. BUT thanks to Keith it appears the FT-4X now can be unlocked with the information below (not tried by me)

Information Below:

Yaesu FT-4X (USA) expanded TX mod same as FT-25 but use code 32406665 (see a pattern here?) It may also work for EU models. Thought you might like to add to your website.

Switch on Radio with PTT and T/Call Pressed. EU version was (22406665) FT-25 while FT-65 EU version was (62406665)

Thank you so much Keith it’s very kind of you to share this information with us all.

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  1. Good Post Simon!
    I’ve never understood why companies get upset about owners unlocking their radios… All of my ICOMs are unlocked, and it is my responsibility to know what Frequency I’m operating on, not the radio manufacturer…

    If you don’t want them unlocked, build them correctly 😉 It probably uses the same guts as a Baofeng anyway LOL


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