*NEW* What’s New At Knights

Seems it’s CB time with Dougie with the announcement that the CRT Xenon will arrive with him on Monday with very limited stocks with a cost of £65 plus shipping and also today or tomorrow the President Bill will land at £89.50. On the blog export mode for the Xenon I’ve got it on my iPad and the Bill modification is already here. I can confirm that the Xenon will make 4/8/15 watts in export mode BUT you loose the UK40 seems the maker ignored advice and in export mode 24.7-30.1 will be available and also 10m mode 28.0-29.7

Already reports of Bill with low audio from Germany and France. Samples had 1.8 kHz and production pieces pegged out at 1.5 kHz so more news expected soon. And the Xenon? Factory puts 12 metres AM/FM on it which is stupid AND ignored advice about adding UK40 in export mode. Can’t fight stupidness… You can find Knights at http://www.kcb.co.uk

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5 thoughts on “*NEW* What’s New At Knights

    • Excellent news. Remember it’s a CB so restricted to around 1.8khz Of audio if flat out. Really curious how it will be, mine not here till next week. They sit at the post here at the border


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