*Exclusive* President Bill FCC

Want to have a little look at the President Bill FCC that’ll hit the stores maybe in the August till September timeline then you know the place to come! Below we’ve got the photos for you and hope you’ll like them! And remember don’t copy and paste as it’s not that big and it’s certainly not clever. I’m in two minds about this radio as see some things that I’m not sure will survive, BUT it’s FCC Approved so guess it’s what comes to your dealer soon.

Now you’ve seen it so don’t cut the warranty seal and loose it. And remember will cost 25% more due to the “Trump Tax” for radios imported from China 🇨🇳 so remember that at end user price.


IC: 20240-PC202


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3 thoughts on “*Exclusive* President Bill FCC

  1. Bill who? Bill Clinton? Anyone know?

    Look at that heatsink on the back. Looks like it could easy handle 50w or so. Why have it if it doesnt need it huh? Uuuuuuum.


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