*NEW* FM CB ‘Born In The USA’ ?

Interesting stuff for a Monday. I’d heard about this a few months back and then all went silent and now I’ve found a letter to the FCC about the legalization of FM CB channels in the USA. Makes sense as all quasar 10m radios include FM and when these are expanded they of course work on FM in 27Mhz frequencies. Add to this it’ll cut down costs as more quantities manufactured. Below we’ve the letter.

Just last week had some correspondence about this subject also. Interesting I was asked from inside the USA to comment about how it works, behaves etc as an end user so to speak.

More to come….. Documents available via FCC

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5 thoughts on “*NEW* FM CB ‘Born In The USA’ ?

  1. Brilliant news,about time USA had FM narrow on cb band, makes total sense and manufacturing radios and improved usefulness for local communications.
    ETSI being a tighter spec to FCC so should fly through doors in approvals and drive costs better.
    It will also mean multi-type approvals FCC\CE approved products possible on cards ,like most consumer electronics products.
    And less interference and skip modes compatibility with EU\UK on FCC band when users running FM-N

    Brilliant News,need more manufacturers and users sending in requests to FCC,so holds water and get more motivation to get it made legal in USA

    73 Rob


    • As far as I know also Cobra Electronics has already positively commented on this petition, in 2017 and in 2018. It seems this discussion is going on at least since mid 2017.
      73 Harald


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