*NEW* FM CB USA 2001 Discussion

Thank you to Tony in Louisiana whose kindly let me know that a discussion about FM CB was had way back in 2001. Below we’ve got the information from Tony so you can take a look. I think it’s the next obvious step considering most 10m radios have FM then it’ll cut down costs even more in a cost driven (not consumer friendly) business. I say the above as far to much same old same old, nothing exciting.

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One thought on “*NEW* FM CB USA 2001 Discussion

  1. I think the icing on the cake is if Motorola USA stepped in and offered FM-N (and Am,SSB) 27 Mhz CB radio equipment and a proposal to FCC petition.
    I think that would set new high standards to meet in terms of quality,ruggedness and having the commercial FM background and engineering to design CB radios like we never seen before in a long time.
    Mainly due too they vast commercial expertise in this area and setting higher standards to meet in the market place,plus making it very attractive products for licence free radio band.

    Even better news if Motorola USA did decide to join the FM CB mode approvals ,it may encourage a new USA made\designed CB products built to similar commercial grade standards and set a new trend in quality.
    Plus possibilities of FM signalling options available and even the possibility of dual approved FCC\EU CB radios for global markets and lowering the cost of manufacturing and type approvals
    This could really open up new markets and equipment standards adding the FM mode in USA CB radios and more.

    Makes total sense to me,a global standard could come from all this too maybe in future and other countries could join in where FM is not part of the CB system yet?

    If there’s one more thing on the “wish” list is 30.0W MAX legal higher power limit FM mode for more practical reasons and offering far more reliable range,less interference and real practical uses.
    Having new Type Approved equipment and sometimes getting round problems with receiver noisy floor issues in some urban area’s and make the system more attractive to new users wanting licence free communications that offers good ,reliable,practical ranges over a longer distance than VHF or UHF can offer in challenging terrain conditions.

    I would also like to see this happen also in UK,Europe and USA,plus many more places….it may also discourage some users having and using some very nasty external amplifiers bolted onto CB radio’s.

    Instead, having a purpose built in high power rated FM CB radio with on-board amplifier thats clean,linear and well filtered,type approved and propose built with an approved\revised FM radio specifications,
    without all the downsides as we often have seen on CB radio,

    I know its technically feasible to do,it wont stop all but certainly influence most when buying a new specification rated CB radio,thus preventing a lot of the amplifier issues we see.

    Its high time CB radio caught up to today standards and not based on a very long past of old technologies and mind set which was fit for purposes a long time ago,but not anymore.
    CB radio needs to move up a gear now in 2018 and onward’s to be able to offer a lot more in range capabilities,operation modes,signalling and interconnection to the internet and provide better performance and quality capabilities to the user, than just a basic low power radio two way radio system from past.

    Best of luck to USA FM CB!

    Rob 73


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