*NEW* Blog Mid Year Reports

It’s a long year! That’s all I’m going to say really. Below we’ve got the blogs ‘mid year’ which comes at a time I’m considering exporting the site. We’ve now over 8,000 photos here and we’ve become a little bit too big for our corner of the web. Many items from the old days are deleted, modifications deleted and some unnecessary files also have been deleted. The idea is to export the site to an external 1TB drive and decide after the summer where or if to upload it somewhere else.

In the past two years it’s been incredibly busy here with mails (new email address will be published after google Hungary issues) and I’m either involved in, or have been involved in so many radio related things you’d not imagine. But they are for future ideas across many platforms.

Helpful emails, abusive emails, requests for help, requests for codes, moans, groans and all in-between I’ve received them all.

One of the nicest mails from an unnamed company who I informed about I’m actually getting on air time on my holiday soon and they’ve said “it’s time you got back on air as a user and not just as MrCB that people know you as”

And that’s it. Lost identity! I’ve somehow become an assistant to companies worldwide. Ranging from DMR advertising requests to a discussion about putting an up/down button on a front panel of a radio. Two months and over 30 emails that’s taken and it’s still months away from any reality. Add to this people I’ve never met and would never associate with ordering me to send software, send codes, do this I’m waiting and do that I’m waiting for it. The minority has ruined it with others for the masses.

Buy It At These Dealers

I tested a radio a while back, it had some errors here and there nothing too bad and it was reported. When the radio was released to general market I contacted about the errors and related stuff. The lady send me an email which dealers had the radio and where I can buy it. I’ve done this. So to all you everything is free people then wake up.

Qixiang Hera. Now morphed into many versions and tested months here, information given. And when its released it’ll be eBay mine will come from. So close romantic ideas. CB and Blogs make you poorer not richer as some fools believe.


This year the blog has jumped up in subscribers, viewing numbers and countries where people look. We’ve got well over 567,000 views already this year in 200 countries. YouTube/simonthewizard almost 6 million views now with literally dozens of messages every week.

Viewing Figures : UP

Subscribers : UP

Messages : UP 25%

Requests For Help : UP 16%

Space for Blog: 98.2% of 30GB Full

Photos : 8,013

Articles : 3,367

Total People Looking At The Blog : 567,364 (Figures since Day 1)

CB Is Dead!

Trust me CB isn’t dead. There are very many dedicated designers, thinkers, resellers, engineers, factories and others busy working on equipment and what’s the next big thing. The ones that are the busiest are the ones you’ll not see, not bump into and not recognize. So when you here someone tell you “CB is Dead” remember maybe it’s so in your street but many thousands are working on it in the shadows and away from prying eyes.

Thank you to Tellus CB Group for advertising the blog. It’s so very kind of you!

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